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Most of us are familiar with buying products specifically designed for a particular sport, but what about going to the gym? Many people will wear clothing designed primarily for other activities such as running, so is it really necessary to buy kit specifically designed for the gym? Here’s our guide to putting together your perfect outfit for the gym.


A gym session will involve not only intensive exercise but movements in a wide variety of different directions. Therefore it is essential that your underwear provides the necessary support and comfort during exercise. By choosing underwear designed specifically for sport, you can ensure that you stay comfortable during even the most intensive sessions, with multi-sport use an option too.


When training indoors, it can be tempting to thinking that one layer is all that you need. The logic is understandable, as you are unlikely to need multiple layers at the gym to stay warm. However, whilst you may not need a baselayer to stay warm, the tight fit can provide compression for your muscles which will help to improve your energy-efficiency. Therefore if performance is a priority for you, you can benefit from wearing kit which provides compression.

This compression could be provided by wearing a single tight-fitting layer. However, not everyone likes to be seen wearing tight-fitting clothing which highlights every curve in your body. If this is the case, a baselayer can provide this compression and allow you to wear a more loosely-fitting garment on top.

Outer Layer

Comfort is essential when choosing your gym clothing, and this can be measured in three main ways; freedom of movement, temperature and dryness.

Freedom of movement is a key factor, as a gym session will contain a wide-range of different movements and you do not want your clothing to restrict these movements in any way. Whilst loose-fitting clothing can provide you with freedom of movement, the looser the fit, the greater the risk that it could get caught in the equipment. Therefore a better option is to choose clothes which offer a closer fit but are designed to move with you when performing gym exercises.



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